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The Master Brokers Forum membership is by invitation only

Qualifications will be reviewed each year by the Membership Committee. E-Mail Address is REQUIRED for membership as all Correspondence and Invitations are sent via e-mail.

Membership Criteria


  1. Must have five years or more of consistent, full-time residential sales.
  2. Must have over generated $5 million (or more) in residential sales per year for the past five continuous years.
  3. Conduct real estate business in the spirit of cooperation with fellow Realtors and with strict adherence to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics.
  4. Must attend at least two Forums annually.
  5. Must have and regularly use email address.
  6. Must pay the annual membership fee each year by the due date.


  1. Each partner must individually meet the MBF criteria.
  2. Each partner shall pay the MBF membership fee/dues.
  3. All promotional advertising materials must include both or all partners
    names at all times.
  4. All MLS listings shall include the names of both/all partners.


  1. No more than 10% of the General Membership shall be managers.
  2. There will be one Manager Representative on the Advisory Board.


  1. There will be no guest attendance except Board-approved guests.
  2. We will issue name badges to each MBF member with his/her name.
  3. Membership dues are $300/Year and will be invoiced annually in January.


  1. Send in application using the online Member Application.
  2. The membership committee will review all applications throughout the year.
  3. Applicants will be notified if they qualify and have been approved.
  4. Once approved, applicants will be directed where to send in their dues.

To apply for membership, please complete the form below, and please refrain from using ALL CAPS in your replies. If possible, please also refrain from using, and e-mail addresses, as our messages to these domains are sometimes blocked.

Also, please refrain from using any middle initials or professional designations such as “CRS” or “GRI” in this application.  Thank you!

Applications are accepted throughout the year and you will be notified  if your membership is approved. If any questions regarding membership, please e-mail


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