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The Legacy Awards
Honoring Longtime Master Brokers Whose Professionalism and Leadership Elevated Miami Real Estate

Consuelo Stewart

Tere Shelton Bernace, Conuelo Stewart, and Teresita Shelton

Consuelo Stewart is one of the region’s most successful and recognizable agents, with more than 35 years of service in Miami’s Coral Gables, Cocoplum, Pinecrest, and Key Biscayne neighborhoods. Known for her unrivalled focus and work ethic, she began her career as a Realtor-associate in the 1970s and then went on to become a broker, often selling the same high-level properties for her clients three or four times over. She co-founded Earnest and Stewart in the 1980s, and in 2008, joined forces with friendly rival Teresita Shelton to form Shelton and Stewart, later joined by Teresita Shelton Bernace.
Teresita Shelton

Mayi de la Vega, Master Brokers Forum 2014 “Legacy Award” Honoree Teresita Shelton, Jeff Morr, and Helen Jeanne Nicastri

Teresita Shelton was born in Havana, Cuba in 1940, of Irish and Scottish ancestors. She attended the University of Villanova in Havana and received an Associate Degree in Business. Teresita began her career in real estate as a self-proclaimed “bored housewife” in Puerto Rico, where her husband had been transferred. While living in a neighborhood of brand-new, mostly unsold homes, she convinced the developer to let Teresita use her own residence as a model home – and promptly sold them all.In Miami, she joined her sister at Prats and Associates; at the time, the city’s largest Hispanic-owned realty firm. She opened her own office 18 years later as Shelton and Brizuela, then as Shelton and Associates in 1998. In 2002, her daughter Tere Shelton Bernace (a Yale graduate who had spent 14 years with Barclays Bank) joined her and in 2009, former competitor Consuelo Stewart also joined her, forming the highly reputable South Miami-based Shelton and Stewart office we know today. During her 35-year tenure selling Miami real estate, Teresita has helped hundreds of agents start their careers, while also advising and mentoring seasoned associates. In the greater Miami real estate community, she is highly respected as a cooperative problem solver; one who always has a creative solution to help close a deal.

Rosalie Elliott
rosalie elliot
Ms. Elliott (left) accepting her Legacy Award at the MBF’s 2013 Holiday Party, from MBF Founder Helen Jeanne Nicastri (right).
Rosalie Elliott became a realtor after raising five children and serving on various boards and associations. She credits this volunteerism with providing a “jump start” for her business career, creating a wide number of contacts and honing negotiating skills. In 1969, she earned her license and joined Stadler Associates; specializing in luxury properties throughout Miami In June 1989, she broke the million-dollar barrier for non-waterfront homes In 1990, she moved to Prudential Florida Realty, which was later purchased by Arvida, which was later bought by Coldwell Banker – where she retired in 2006.Throughout the years, she worked with clientele from all over the world and was referred by the local branches of many, many major corporations, banks, airlines, hospitals, etc.
Jeanne Baker

1Jeff Morr presents the MBF “Legacy Award” to 2012 Honoree Jeanne Baker, accepted by her son and granddaughter, Master Brokers David and Lauren Popham



Jeanne M. Baker’s extraordinary career in South Florida real estate blazed a trail for thousands of successful women in the industry. She accomplished this legacy through a potent mix of style, dedication, and a passionate commitment to fairness.Ms. Baker began her career in the 1960’s, working for Abe Eiserman. She very quickly the company’s sales leader, surpassing her male (and more experienced) contemporaries. She soon joined forces with Polly Hill of Polly Hill Realty, where the two earned some local celebrity for wearing their trademark high white “go –go” boots; a popular fashion statement of that era.In 1973, she opened Jeanne Baker Realty, Inc. in Miami, where she enjoyed enormous success as both an broker and owner. (When she sold the company in 1996, it had six offices and nearly 600 agents.) In so doing, she broke the “glass ceiling” for not only herself, but also for hundreds of women who found financial and career independence through real estate. Ms. Baker and her son, David Popham, later re-opened the company in 2003, where she continues to practice and mentor future generations of real estate professionals.Ms. Baker is most proud of her reputation for honesty and fairness with everyone in real estate, as well as in her own personal relationships. She is also immensely proud of her long association with the Master Brokers Forum, and thanks her colleagues for this fabulous recognition.


Alicia Cervera, Sr.alicia cervera

Ms. Cervera (far right) accepting her inaugural Legacy Award at the MBF’s 2011 Holiday Party, as her daughter, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid (far left), Steven D. Hayworth of Gibraltar Bank and Trust (second from left), and Miami MBF Chair Emilio Palomo (second from right) look on.


Known as both the “Queen of Brickell” and the “Grand Dame of Miami real estate,” Ms. Cervera is the founder of Cervera Real Estate, one of Miami’s leading real estate firms. Over the course of 40 years, Ms. Cervera is responsible for breathing life into new communities and revitalizing existing ones such as the once dormant Brickell area, the cosmopolitan South of Fifth neighborhood in Miami Beach and the new urban Biscayne Boulevard Corridor. She has sold hundreds of thousands of luxury high-rise condominium units, served as an invaluable consultant to the most prolific developers, and amassed dozens of personal and professional accolades for her work in the real estate industry. It is Ms. Cervera’s acute foresight, her comprehensive understanding of the local market, combined with her skill to attract clients from all over the globe and an intrepid approach to selling that made “Cervera” a household name in the South Florida marketplace. Ms. Cervera has left an indelible footprint on South Florida’s colorful real estate landscape, one that places undying resolve, honesty and integrity, and the constant quest for knowledge at the forefront of success.Evelyn Framer
Ms. Framer created a real estate empire that began with dominance over the Miami Beach luxury market, and eventually expanded to all of South Florida. Ms. Framer accomplished this extraordinary feat through a mix of determination, hard work, ethical professionalism, and an appreciation for local history.
Ms. Framer earned her real estate license in 1969, and began her career working for Keyes Realty, where she became the number-one producer and sold the most expensive houses on Miami Beach year after year. In 1978, she established Framer Realty with a small team of associates which she considered her “extended family”, and the company became know as the finest luxury real estate boutique in Miami Beach. After an incredible 20-year run as an independent agency, Framer Realty was purchased by The St. Joe Company (which eventually became Coldwell Banker) in 1999.  Her market expertise eventually ranged from Key West all they way up through the Palm Beaches. Ms. Framer continued serving her clients and market until 2008 when, at the age of 89, she moved to Arizona to be with her family.